Helping women embrace self belief and courageously create a fulfilling life and career with balance, boundaries and bravery. 

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Sara. I’m your Coach and the founder of Peak and Bloom Coaching. 

As a Women's Empowerment Coach, I help women to embrace self belief and courageously create a fulfilling life and career with balance, boundaries and bravery.

I work with women who want to get unstuck and confidently step into their full potential - in their careers or in their overall wellbeing. 

I want you to walk away from your time with me feeling empowered to take that next step, to come to a greater love and understanding toward yourself and to be inspired to finally take action in the areas that you desire because you believe that you are in control and feel equipped to make it happen.

Your peak and bloom era is coming.

Who are you?

You are amazing and capable.

But perhaps, right now you feel, for whatever reason, like your self doubt is getting in the way of making progress? You feel like whichever way you look at it, you aren’t who or where you really want to be right now - either in your personal and professional life and all the intersectionality between the two. Or you feel trapped by reduced confidence and unhelpful thoughts cycles, unable to take a step that feels true to yourself?

Somewhere along the way you lost yourself. 

This feeling is also starting to spark a desire in your heart to shift this burden and create a reality that reflects your whole self and all the parts of you that bring joy, contentment and a sense of purpose 

These may resonate with you right now…. 

How can a Life Coach help?

I have three distinct coaching journeys for your career and personal wellbeing aspirations.

If you’re struggling with self doubt and that's getting in the way of you taking action in the areas you crave, you’re in the right place. My approach is to create a genuine partnership by facilitating a safe and comfortable space that will help you to explore your goals, thoughts and feelings further; helping you to see and believe in your potential and to unlock that potential by supporting you as you crystallize your next steps. 

We can work to create an awareness and understanding of what you're feeling or experiencing and if you're holding on to thoughts that may be limiting you in taking ground.

Or we can work together to uncover how you can feel invigorated to make choices that benefit your whole person - professionally, physically, mentally, and anything in between.  

Well done for making it here. You’re already on your way. Why not check out the different packages I offer and the ways we can work together?

It's time to allow yourself to find your peak, and bloom. 

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